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  • 09/29/11
    The Deterioration in the Labor Market Fortunes of America's Young Adults During the Lost Decade of 2000 – 2010
    The decade of 2000-2010 was in many respects a lost decade for the U.S. economy, especially in terms of its labor market performance. Total wage and salary payroll employment (private and public sector combined) failed to experience any net growth over the decade.
  • 09/29/11
    Changes in the Weekly and Annual Earnings of Young Adults from 1979 – 2010: Progress and Setbacks Amidst Widening Inequality
    The 2000-2010 decade has been referred to as a "Lost Decade" for the U.S. economy. It was the first time in post-World War II history that the nation ended the decade with fewer payroll wage and salary jobs than when the decade began in 2000, and employment rates for all those under 55 years of age fell over the ten-year period.
  • 09/29/11
    The Impact of Rising Poverty on the Nation's Young Families and Their Children, 2000 – 2010
    Earlier this month, the U.S. Census Bureau released its findings on the annual incomes, earnings, and poverty status of the nation's population in 2010. On the poverty front, the news was not good. For the third straight year in a row, the number of people of all ages living in poverty rose, reaching 46.2 million individuals in 2010, a record high number, equivalent to 15.1 percent of the national population.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 09/23/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Is Our Nation on the Titanic?"
    A theologian friend took her car to a Jiffy Lube for servicing. Not having anything to read, she picked up a manual on the coffee table about boating. A chapter on the rules for what happens when boats encounter one another on the open sea described two kinds of craft: burdened and privileged.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 09/16/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Discouraging News on Child Poverty"
    New data just released by the U.S. Census Bureau reveals 46.2 million poor people in America, the largest number in the last 52 years. One in three of America's poor were children—16.4 million, over 950,000 more than last year, and 7.4 million children were living in extreme poverty. More than one in three Black children and one in three Hispanic children were poor.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 09/09/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Supporting Grandparents Caring for Children"
    At a time in life when many are beginning to ease into retirement and enjoying a little more free time, Mr. and Mrs. B. found themselves unexpectedly starting all over again—struggling to care for their adopted daughter's two young sons.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 09/02/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Stop Political Lions from Attacking Our Children: Join the Rescue Posse"
    One of the most-watched videos on YouTube a few years ago showed the struggle of a water buffalo family and herd to save a child. It's called the Battle at Kruger Park. It begins with a buffalo mother, father, and child meandering peacefully ahead of the herd unaware that a pride of six lions is stealthily easing up to attack them.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 08/26/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Kids Count: Tallying The High Costs Of The Economy For Children"
    The Children's Defense Fund-Ohio, through the support of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, just released the Ohio's KIDS COUNT: 2010 Data Book, an annual report that provides snapshots of the well-being of Ohio's children. With unemployment in Ohio reaching 10.6% last year, we found thousands of Ohio children and their families pushed to the front lines of economic suffering. The overall poverty rate for Ohio's children was 21.6% in 2009, jumping 16.8% in a single year and increasing 45.9% since 2001. The number of Ohio counties with at least 25% of children living in poverty more than doubled from 15 in 2008 to 31 in 2009.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 08/19/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Bounced Checks From America's Bank of Opportunity"
    As our nation pauses to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the dedication of a new memorial on the anniversary of the historic 1963 March on Washington, most will focus on only part of the story. When many Americans think of the historic March, they think of Dr. King standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial delivering his inspiring "I Have a Dream" words he spontaneously added at the very end of his speech.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 08/12/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Getting Children Ready For School"
    From new backpacks to sharp pencils, parents across the country are doing their best to cross the items off their children's back-to-school checklists. They want to be sure that when the first day of school comes, their children will have everything they need to be ready to start and ready to learn. But as a country we're failing to do the same thing and in the current budget debate, some of our leaders are threatening to do just the opposite.
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