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  • Marian Wright Edelman 11/18/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Cuts in Education: A Failing Choice"
    Aristotle got it right when he said, "All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth."? Once upon a time America professed to believe in a strong public education system - at least for some children.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 10/14/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Full Day Kindergarten: A Missing Half-Step in Our Schools"
    In Pennsylvania, many children who had been getting excited about their first day of full-day kindergarten were disappointed when full-day kindergarten fell victim to state budget cuts. Massachusetts families in 80 school districts had to pay an average of $3,110 this year for their children to attend full-day kindergarten.
  • 07/18/11
    The State of America's Children® 2011 Report
    CDF's State of America's Children Report is a compilation of the most recent and reliable national and U.S. state research data on child poverty, children's health, child welfare, youth at risk, childhood and youth education, and other key child indicators.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 07/15/11
    Child Watch® Column: "The State of America's Children"
    The Children's Defense Fund has just released a new report, The State of America's Children 2011, which paints a disturbing portrait of child needs across our country. With rampant unemployment, housing foreclosures, homelessness, hunger, and massive looming federal and state budget cuts, children's well-being is in great jeopardy. One in five children is poor and children are our nation's poorest age group.
  • 06/27/11
    Year-Round Learning: Linking School, Afterschool, and Summer Learning to Support Student Success
    On June 24th, the Harvard Family Research Project released a report highlighting the benefits of 14 year-round innovative school programs that "demonstrated success in providing quality learning opportunities for youth," including CDF's Freedom Schools program. Year-round schooling for CDF Freedom Schools program helps poor children, particularly children of color close the achievement gap and stay in the cradle to college.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 06/24/11
    Child Watch® Column: "Giving Black Boys a Strong Start"
    When Shawn Dove was in sixth grade, the students at his New York City school were asked to decide which academic track they wanted to follow for the next two years. He decided to choose "major gym," just like the rest of his friends. But when he brought the form home to his single mother and said "Hey, Mom—can you sign this for me?," his mother said, "No—you're not going to major in gym! There's no future in gym. You're taking science and math."
  • 06/14/11
    Full Day Kindergarten: Why Does It Matter?
    Forty-two states and the District of Columbia have adopted the Common Core Standards, expecting kindergarten children to master specific skills.
  • 03/30/11
    ESEA Guiding Principles and Chart
    CDF supports the administration's ESEA blueprint for reform but believes bore is needed for the most vulnerable children.
  • 03/30/11
    Education Glossary of Terms
    Glossary of Terms Frequently Used in Federal Education Discussions
  • 03/30/11
    CDF's Priorities for ESEA Reauthorization
    CDF's Priorities for ESEA Reauthorization
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