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Release Date: November 24, 2009
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Holiday Conversation Guide Placemat

Did you know that millions of children could be worse off rather than better off after health reform? It's true!

The House health care reform bill repeals the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in 2013 and would move millions of children into a new, untested and far more expensive Health Insurance Exchange where parents would end up paying significantly more for fewer benefits for their children. The President has said that health reform ought to build on what works—so rather than dismantle CHIP that has proven successful in providing affordable health coverage to millions of children, health reform legislation should keep CHIP until it can be replaced with a system that ensures children comparable or better benefits and limits on out-of-pocket costs. Learn more.

This Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season, we hope you enjoy time with your friends and family, but we also ask that you use this season to help spread the word about the need for real child health reform with our downloadable holiday placemat conversation guide!  Just simply put this discussion guide under your Thanksgiving dinner plate as a convenience reference for dinner conversation. Sharing information about protecting children in health reform and encouraging others to contact their Members of Congress will help amplify our voice for children so their needs can be addressed!

Download your holiday placemat discussion guide today!