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  • 05/01/88
    Adolescent And Young Adult Fathers: Problems And Solutions
    Published in May 1988 by the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Clearinghouse, this publication is part of CDF's ongoing effort to prevent teen pregnancies and alleviate the range of problems facing adolescent households. Research in this report was based on national data whenever possible, but also relied heavily on data from ethnographic studies, research projects, and service programs, as well as the experience of experts who have worked with or done research on young fathers to address the problems they face and offer solutions.
  • 03/01/88
    Teenage Pregnancy: An Advocate's Guide To The Numbers
    This report presents numerical analysis of answers to such questions as: "What proportion of teens get pregnant each year, have babies each year, and get abortions each year? Other numerical analysis explores the likelihood of use of contraceptives by black teens and white teens and what proportion of out-of-wedlock births are to teens. Commomly confused statistical data terms, such as 'out-of-wedlock,' ' pregnancy rates' , 'birth rates,' ' annual rates,' and 'cohort rates' are explained.
  • 01/01/88
    A Children's Defense Budget: FY 1988 An Analysis of Our Nation's Investment in Children
    An annual report of the Children's Defense Fund that presents data on the FY 1988 increases in spending by the Reagan administration on military operations and the decrease in spending for programs for low-income families and children. These budget cuts affect programs for child abuse prevention, pre-mature births and prenatal care for pregnant mothers and infants, and growing homelessness.
  • 11/01/87
    Child Support And Teen Parents
    This report focuses on ways to increase and improve paternity establishment and other child support enforcement services for children born to teen mothers.
  • 07/01/87
    Opportunities For Prevention: Building After-School And Summer Programs For Young Adolescents
    This report examines the important role that well-designed community programs can play in meeting the academic, pre-vocational, physical, social and emotional needs of 10-15 year olds in the after school, vacation, and summer hours. The report explores how these programs can aid in not only the prevention of adolescent pregnanvy but can and should provide opportunities for the development of prerequisite skills, experiences, and opportunities that enable teens to become economically self-sufficient adults.
  • 03/01/87
    Child Care: An Essential Service for Teen Parents
    In this report we focus on child care for the children of teen mothers, and the emerging response of schools, social service agencies, cities, and states to that need. Not nearly enough is being done, but the growing activity in the area holds promise. This report reviews the criteria for good programs, the barriers to creating them, some model programs, and some different state initiatives.
  • 01/01/87
    A Children's Defense Budget: An Analysis of the FY 1987 Federal Budget and Children
    An annual report of the Children's Defense Fund that explores the 1987 cuts to families and children under the Reagan administration while comparing those cuts to the billions in increases to the US military.
  • 01/01/87
    Adolescent Pregnancy: An Anatomy of a Social Problem in Search of Comprehensive Solutions
    This report is adapted from a Grenville Clark lecture by CDF President Marian Wright Edelman at Dartmouth College. It addresses problem of adolescent pregnancy, identifies some of the major barriers that get in the way of solutions, outlines what needs to be done by whom, and describes strategies CDF is pursuing to stem premature sexual activity and pregnancy.
  • 01/01/87
    Preventing Children Having Children
    A pamphlet published in conjunction with the 1983 initiative to prevent teen pregnancy and to alleviate the range of problems facing adolescent and female-headed households.
  • 09/01/86
    Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy: What Schools Can Do
    This report reviews schools' efforts to delay pregnancy through family life and sexuality education and through development of youths' life options.
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