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  • 08/22/08
    Marian Wright Edelman's La Columna Child Watch®: "Haciendo cumplir la ley de inmigración: redada contra los sueños de los niños"
    El 12 de mayo del 2008, los maestros de Postville, Iowa interrumpieron sus clases, llamaron a sus estudiantes hispanos y los dirigieron a la oficina del director de la escuela. Normalmente, tal acci??n significar??a que iban a ser castigados por violar alguna regla. Pero estos ni??os no hab??an hecho nada malo. En la oficina del director, se les inform?? que uno de sus padres, y en algunos casos ambos, no llegar??an a su hogar esa tarde porque hab??an sido detenidos por agentes de la polic??a federal.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 08/22/08
    Child Watch® Column: "Immigration Enforcement—Raiding Children's Dreams"
    "On May 12, 2008, teachers in Postville, Iowa, interrupted their classes, called the names of some of their Latino students and directed them to report to the principal's office. Usually, this would mean that they were in for punishment for some infraction...."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 07/25/08
    Child Watch® Column: "Mental Health Support Makes a More Normal Life for Teens Possible"
    "To a stranger, Samantha Brown, 18, would look like any other teenager. The petite student is dressed in the latest gear, face covered in glitter makeup. Her friendly eyes dance behind oversized glasses while two pink barrettes keep her hair off her face..."
  • 07/11/08
    Marian Wright Edelman's La Columna Child Watch®: "Día Nacional de Acción Social por el Cuidado Médico"
    En la actualidad, hay 9.4 millones de ni??os sin seguro m??dico en Estados Unidos, que representan uno de cada ocho ni??os, y hay millones m??s con cobertura incompleta. Sin embargo, no hay suficientes adultos poniendo de su parte para cambiar esta situaci??n. As?? que con miras a dar a conocer el problema, el mes pasado por todo el pa??s miles de ni??os inscritos en el Programa de las Escuelas por la Libertad (Freedom Schools®) del Fondo para la Defensa de los Ni??os participaron en el D??a Nacional de Acci??n Social.
  • Marian Wright Edelman 05/30/08
    Child Watch® Column: "The Costs of Health Care Are Burying American Families"
    "Unpaid medical bills are piling up on kitchen tables all over America. In addition to the rising costs of food, gas and housing, more and more working families are becoming overwhelmed by skyrocketing health care costs. Since 2001, average premiums for family health insurance coverage have risen 78 percent and now stand at more than $12,000 annually, not including out-of-pocket costs which average an additional $3,000..."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 05/23/08
    Child Watch® Column: "Let's Take Bullying Seriously"
    "A youthful tough who got his growth spurt early gets cruel gratification from intimidating weaker peers. The popular jock cruises the locker room looking for "nerdy" kids to torment. The clique of "cool girls" ridicules female classmates that "look different" and excludes them from their circle..."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 05/09/08
    Child Watch® Column: "Washington's Two Economies—A Growing Income Gap"
    Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, is one of the great cities of the world. Tourists come here from around the globe to enjoy its world-class museums and art galleries and visit its columned edifices of gleaming marble...
  • Marian Wright Edelman 05/02/08
    Child Watch® Column: "We Must End Child Hunger Now"
    "In America, millions of low-income families struggle each month to obtain a minimally adequate diet. In 2006, 12.6 million children and 22.9 million adults lived in households struggling against hunger, and those numbers are expected to grow amid a weakening economy..."
  • Marian Wright Edelman 04/18/08
    Child Watch® Column: "Join the GrandRally and Help Grandparentsand Other Relatives Raising Children"
    "What happens to the children of a single mother who becomes so disabled by mental illness or substance abuse that she can't take care of them? Or to the children of a parent who gets killed in a car accident? Who takes care of the children when both parents are called up for military duty overseas?.."
  • 03/28/08
    Cradle to Prison Pipeline Campaign Discussion Guide
    Cradle to Prison Pipeline Campaign Discussion Guide, Case Studies from the Pipeline with discussion questions
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