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Raise the Age NY

Currently, New York is one of only two states to treat youth automatically as adults at age 16.  As a result thousands of adolescents are processed in the adult criminal justice system, subject to adult jails and prisons, and saddled with criminal records that impact the rest of their lives.  Treating young people in the adult criminal justice system increases their likelihood of being abused, and increases the likelihood that they will return to the criminal justice system in the future.  We need to Raise the Age to ensure that the legal process responds to children in age-appropriate ways. It is our duty to ensure that young people are offered interventions and services that will help them become successful adults.

As part of the Raise the Age – New York Campaign, The Children's Defense Fund-New York (CDF-NY) has fought tirelessly in support of raising the age of criminal responsibility in New York.  We applaud Governor Cuomo for his leadership and support of reforming the justice system to improve the treatment of youth and public safety.  We were also honored to serve on his Commission for Youth, Safety and Justice alongside colleagues with a diverse set of expertise and experience in law enforcement, juvenile justice, and government, to develop the recommendations that were ultimately translated into the Governor’s 2015 Executive Budget legislation to raise the age of criminal responsibility.

Learn more about CDF-NY's efforts.

Youth in the Juvenile Justice System are Underserved in Los Angeles County

On December 2nd, Marian Wright Edelman joined with Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas to discuss the state of the juvenile justice system in Los Angeles County and release the report, “Juvenile Reentry in Los Angeles County: An Exploration of the Strengths, Barriers and Policy Options.” The reentry report found that most juveniles who are released from long-term secure placement in the county are not successfully reintegrating into their communities. These youth require services and supports that meaningfully engage them in school, employment, and community life if they are to successfully exit the Cradle to Prison Pipeline and enter the pipeline to college and work. The report on juvenile reentry was prepared for Supervisor Ridley-Thomas’ office earlier this year by Michelle Newell and Angelica Salazar, former masters candidates at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government who now both work at the Children’s Defense Fund on juvenile justice policy.

Read the entire set of findings and policy recommendations in the full report edited for the Web.

Innovative Solutions to Dismantling the Pipeline in Texas

The American Leadership Forum Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter has produced a report, Dismantling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline in Houston and Texas: A Study of Solutions, that documents promising approaches that are effectively shutting down the pipeline by focusing on prevention and early intervention. These programs create a more positive future for young people and save taxpayers by avoiding the costs of incarceration. The report and accompanying PowerPoint presentation can be found on the American Leadership Forum’s website.