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(application must be received by February 1)
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Note: Applicants will be notified between 4-6 weeks of due date. However, applications will continue to be considered after due date if positions are not filled.


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Internship Information

Instructions: Please indicate, in order of preference, the Areas that you would like to intern. In each Area, please indicate, in descending order, your top 3 departmental choices. For more information, please visit the internship section of our website.

 Area One: Policy Programs

 Child Health  Child Welfare and Mental Health
 Early Childhood  Education
 Juvenile Justice  Policy Research
 Federal Budget  


 Area Two: Youth Development and Community Outreach Programs

 Youth Leadership Development Programs  Beat the Odds® Programs
 Freedom Schools® Programs  


 Area Three: Communications Programs

 Press  Multimedia
 Social Meida/ Media Monitoring  Web Development


Area Four: Development

These positions are ideal for undergraduate and graduate students in most disciplines

 Grants  Digital and Online
 Fundraising and Marketing  


 Area Five: Non-Profit Management Programs

 Development  Finance
 Human Resources  Information Technology
 Office of the President  Public Engagement


If you are not selected for one of your indicated preferences, would you like to be considered for an internship in another area/division? 

, I only want to be considered for the positions identified

Please indicate if you have participated, volunteered or previously worked with the Children’s Defense Fund.

Will you receive credit for your internship?

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Additional Documents

In addition to this application, make sure you include the following required documents.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Please name each document as “YourNameDocumentName.doc.”

Cover Letter

Your cover letter should address:

  • why you want to intern with the Children’s Defense Fund;
  • prior skills, knowledge (including course work) and employment;
  • academic experience (i.e. research) relevant to an internship at CDF;
  • work experience in, or passion for, children’s issues and advocacy;
  • your immediate post-internship plans as well as your longer-term career or academic goals; and what you hope to gain from your CDF internship experience


Attach your cover letter below as a .doc file.
Be sure the document is named, “JohnDoe-CoverLetter.doc.”



In addition to education and work experience, please identify any awards, honors and accomplishments, as well as your skills and interest. For policy in particular, include any relevant coursework or research experience.

Attach your resumé below as a .doc file.
Be sure the document is named, “JohnDoe-Resumé.doc.”


Writing Sample

Please attach a writing sample of no more than 1,000 words that demonstrates your writing, research and reasoning skills. It may be on any topic, however, applicants are encouraged to submit samples related to children, social justice, or other related topics. Class papers that are indicative of writing ability may be submitted as writing samples.

Attach your writing sample below as a .doc file.
Be sure the document is named, “JohnDoe-WritingSample.doc.”


For questions, contact the internship coordinator at If you need to send hard copies of any documents, mail them to:

Children’s Defense Fund
Attn: Internship Coordinator
25 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001