Phoebe Roe is a rising senior at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, majoring in Psychology with minors in Arabic and English Literature. Her involvement in the fight for equal opportunities for children began when she founded a volunteer program at an under-funded K-12 school near Kenyon College. Since beginning the volunteer program, she has been shocked by the lack of opportunities afforded to the children and outraged by the lack of action by parents and administrators. Phoebe was so excited to be working with the Children’s Defense Fund – an incredible organization with a unique and groundbreaking model for helping children all over the United States. After she graduates from Kenyon College, she will be moving to New Orleans to work as a teacher with Teach for America. Until then, Phoebe is excited to have a final year at Kenyon College where she and her friends will spend hours frolicking in the cornfields and discussing ways to improve education opportunities in America.