Tatyana Walker

Tatyana Walker grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She is a recent graduate of the State University of New York at Cortland, where she double majored in professional writing and political science with a concentration in law and justice. Throughout her education, Tatyana has always had a strong interest in race, gender and education. She showed her dedication to social justice by becoming the secretary of the Black Student Union and by joining a variety of other clubs that share similar goals for social change. Tatyana has received many awards for her campus leadership and academic success. In the future she plans to earn a master’s degree in public policy so that she can defend the civil and human rights of all people. Tatyana’s life experiences have taught her the importance of having an active voice advocating for oneself and for others. Through this experience, she hopes to gain a better understanding of our nation’s education system as well as the rules and regulations that govern that system. Tatyana is currently an intern in the Education Policy Department at CDF’s National Office in Washington, D.C.