Deborah Duzan

Deborah Duzan, originally from Syracuse, New York, has her associate’s degree in human services management and her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is currently studying at the University of Phoenix and anticipates graduating in February 2014 with a master’s in psychology. Most of Deborah’s work experience comes from the retail sector. She has worked with many types of people and has learned that diversity and inclusion in the workplace is vital to morale and productivity. Most recently she had the opportunity to support and volunteer at the local Boys and Girls club and an organization called the House, which works with at-risk youth to make better decisions. Deborah was able to start a baseball camp for the youth at the House as well as a local minor league baseball team. This camp helped promote teamwork and gave the kids an opportunity to be involved in learning and participate in a team sport. Deborah is working toward her Ph.D. in organizational psychology and aspires to help organizations run more efficiently and create and fund programs that will have a positive impact on the community. Deborah has been married for 22 years and is the proud mother of three children. She is an intern in CDF's National Office with the Development Department.